MTC Asset Management, also known as Malayan Traders Capital, is a hedge fund headquartered in Malaysia. MTC adopts a value investing approach, investing in global blue chip equities when they are trading at bargain or reasonable prices. It deploys a bottom-up, concentrated and long biased strategy. MTC also utilises leverage and derivatives to get direct and indirect equity positions in companies.

MTC has an Asian focus, choosing to invest in global companies listed mainly in the US and in Asia, but are expected to derive the majority of their growth from Asia. Across its funds, MTC aims to achieve a net return of 10-15% over a three to five year period.

Founders Fund
MTC Founders Fund is MTC’s flagship fund and is the inaugural fund managed by MTC. Its name pays homage to its Founders, who have contributed the majority of their net worth into the Fund. It has invested in leading companies across the globe such as Apple, Google, Nike, etc.

Meranti Fund

MTC Meranti Fund is a Malaysian global-hybrid fund, which replicates the Founders Fund’s portfolio in combination with leading blue chips in Malaysia. The name Meranti was chosen as it is uniquely Malaysian and represents the height of stock prices MTC seeks to achieve from our companies when we invest.

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